[Q] What should people choose, western medicine or alternative medicine?

[A] Firstly, as a HUMAN BEING, and secondly as a SHIATSU PRACTITIONER, I believe that every human being has the right to access everything, including types of medicine. However as a practitioner, I would like to advise people not to reject anything . Irrespectively, if there is an increasing number of people coming back to alternative medicine, people should not underestimate the importance of western medicine. All practices are essential for the human benefit. After all, the aim of all types of medicine/therapies is nothing but human benefit. All practices have their range of capability, and also their limitations as well. There is no single practice to claim that it can achieve everything, on the matter of health. Every practice has its own role to play, whether great or small. People need to know, that there are many ways to be cured. They only need to find the right one for them. By not referring a patient in western medicine, it is not wise, for an alternative practitioner when he/she knows there are better chances, for a patient to be healed in the field of western medicine. The same thing can happen for a western practitioner too.