[Q]  There is a general misunderstanding that Shiatsu is a form of   Japanese massage technique. There are also books, websites etc that do confuse SHIATSU with massage. Is  SHIATSU in any way a massage technique?

[A]  Absolutely not. Irrespectively, even if it is a hands-on  technique that somehow looks (to any  deceptive eye) like a massage technique. When someone receives SHIATSU from a genuine SHIATSU PRACTITIONER the feeling has NOTHING to do with pressure or massage . THE PRACTITIONER IS CONTACTING DIRECTLY WITH THE RECEIVER`S KI. SO SHIATSU IS IN NO WAY SUBJECT TO THE JUDGEMENT OF ANYONE'S EYESIGHT. SIMPLY IT HAS TO BE FELT. There are many hands-on techniques which are not referred to as massage, and so I don`t see any reason for SHIATSU to be the exception.